Five of the Simplest Ways That Help Somebody In Need

During Children’s Mental Health Week, our guest blogger, Olivia Alexandra, shares some ways you can help someone who is struggling.

It is never easy to watch somebody struggle, whether it be a loved one or a stranger. You want to help all you can, but feel under qualified compared to the professionals who study for years on the subject of mental health. However, do not be fooled by the belief that those in need can only be helped by those with years of training at medical school. There are many ways in which you can help others with their internal struggle. Here are five suggestions:


One incredibly simple, yet important, way in which you can help is to listen. It may seem like an irrelevant gesture, but to somebody battling depression or any other type of mental health problem, it is the key to relieving some of their pain.  Listening intently with an open mind, will allow you to not only help those struggling, but also to help yourself in developing your understanding. Mental health is confusing, but so are a lot of things in the world we inhabit today and they can all be simplified by listening. 

Connect With Like Minded People

If you truly feel uncomfortable in listening to somebody discussing their problems with mental health and believe that you cannot benefit them, then help them to contact somebody who will. YoungMinds have lots of information on people who can help.


If the person you aim to help does not want to talk about their condition and how they feel, then encourage them to write. It doesn’t matter if their words are for their own personal viewing or for yours, the freedom to confront their feelings with the written word will greatly empower them. For an additional touch, buy them some stationary that will inspire them to begin scribbling!

Learn With Them

Those battling mental health issues, may feel isolated and alone. It may leave them insecure and scared of experiencing things. So, experience it with them. Go hand in hand with them to an attraction, a weekend break or just a coffee shop. Knowing that they have someone dependable by their side will boost the confidence of those feeling a little overpowered by their mental health. 

Share Your Experiences

Whilst you may not have ever struggled with your mental health, you will undoubtedly have had moments in your life where you have lacked confidence and felt small. Share these experiences, no matter how insignificant you feel that they are, for they could help someone feel less isolated by their condition. They will be able to see that they are not alone in their struggle and also that there is always a way in which to overcome the issues that may feel crippling to them.

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