Christmas tips from our Activists

We asked our YoungMinds Activists to share their top tips for coping at Christmas.

1. Keep it in perspective

Remember it is a normal day of the year

You've got this! Christmas can be as big or as little an event as you want it to be. Remember it is a normal day of the year, so you won't be the only one struggling. It's okay not to feel festive.

2. Don't bottle your feelings up

Talk to people you trust

One of the biggest mistakes people make is bottling up negative emotions. Don't bottle up your worries and feelings, talk to people you trust. Don't be afraid to pick up the phone, even if it is just a simple text message make contact with friends and family. Use your diary, write how you feel.

3. Use your time well

Do things which make you happy

That doesn't mean pressuring yourself to be the life and soul of the party or becoming overwhelmed trying to please everyone. Use your free time to do things which make you happy and occupy your time. Those things are different for all of us but it could be as simple as reading a favourite book, watching some Christmas TV or catching up with family.

Be social if you can. Social situations may seem overwhelming but even small interactions can help you feel more connected.

4. Take time for yourself

Don't be afraid to step out of situations

It's great to spend time with family but remember to have some time for yourself. Take breaks from social situations if things get rough and don't be afraid to step out of situations if you need to.

5. Make adjustments to suit you

Prioritise whatever it is that will help you relax

Allow yourself the time and space you need to cope, and make decisions that suit your needs. If the crowds make you anxious, you could do your shopping online. If you don’t want to spend time with your family on Christmas Day, perhaps consider volunteering with one of the food banks who will provide a special meal for the homeless on Christmas Day.

Prioritise whatever it is that will help you relax and feel calm.

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