Celebrate your achievements with #EndOfSchoolSelfie

Take part in our #EndOfSchoolSelfie challenge to celebrate how far you’ve come during your time at school

The end of the school year looks very different this year. Whatever point you’re at in your time at school, it may feel strange or unfair that you’ve missed out on seeing your friends, playing sports, or having lessons as usual.

If you’re in your last year at school, however, this may feel particularly unfair as you haven’t had the closure you expected to have. Maybe you’ve missed your prom, your leaver’s day or sitting your exams. Maybe you feel like you didn’t get a proper chance to say goodbye to your teachers or classmates. Or maybe you found school really difficult and you’re just glad it’s over.

However you feel about school, it’s important not to let the sudden ending overshadow all the positives.

It’s been tricky (but incredibly useful) for me to remember the positive times I had at school and to realise how the abrupt ending was only a tiny part of a much bigger experience.
Ella, 18

Celebrate your achievements

If you’re struggling with the end of the school term, or you’re anxious about the future, take a moment to celebrate how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved. Even though you might not have sat your exams, or had lessons in a classroom this year, there will be things you have achieved and learnt. Reflecting on these things will help you realise you're stronger than you think, and whatever is coming next, you can get through it.

Exams are important but they certainly aren’t everything! That’s why we’ve launched #EndOfSchoolSelfie – to encourage you to share the three most important life lessons you learnt from your time at school.

Here are some things you might have learnt:

  • There is so much more to you than your grades.
  • You're more than what people say about you.
  • You're a talented artist/musician/actor.
  • You're a good friend.
  • It’s ok not to fit in.
  • You’re pretty good at maths.
  • You love to study!
  • You prefer dancing to writing.
  • If you can get through school, you can get through anything.
  • Grades don’t define who you are.
It is important to remember that your hard work isn’t wasted because the knowledge that you learnt is still so valuable.
Elsa, 18

How to take part

Anybody can take part, whether you've just left school or it feels like a distant memory.

To get involved, take these three steps:

  1. Post a photo from your time at school (or a picture of something that makes you feel positive from that time) to social media.
  2. Share three things you’ve learnt from your time at school.
  3. Tag three friends to do the same.
Remember that it’s not just you! It’s everybody your age in the country who is dealing with this. You are not alone.
Ella, 18

Have a look at the video below for more info and examples.

Your #EndOfSchoolSelfies

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