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Our Impact Reports

See how we made a difference to children and young people in this year’s Impact Report.

Our impact in 2019-20

Every year we report on the progress we’ve made and how we’ve achieved what we set out to. Our annual impact reports showcase some of the great work we do and provide a check-in to make sure we’re still on track to meet our strategic objectives as well as outline where we go next.

In 2019-20, we had six main areas of focus:

  1. Giving young people a powerful voice.
  2. Offering advice and support to young people.
  3. Campaigning for change alongside young people.
  4. Supporting parents and carers.
  5. Supporting schools to be there for their pupils.
  6. Creating systemic change for young people.

We’re giving young people a powerful voice

  • Our flagship Activist programme has gone from strength to strength, with real benefits for our Activists' mental health - 97% said they had better knowledge of their mental health.
  • We trained up 12 of our Activists to deliver Activating Change workshops to over 200 young people in local schools and youth groups.
  • 15 incredible young people got involved in our Youth Panel last year, collectively taking part in 118 opportunities to participate in the governance of YoungMinds.
  • We launched our prototype smartphone app, with 180 young people signing up as app testers using it over 1,000 times - Watch this space for 2021!
  • Young people participated over 23,000 times in our policy research by sharing their views and experiences, and supported our campaigns 38,139 times by signing petitions or writing to their MP.
The support I got from YoungMinds was unreal! Now I am back fighting stronger than I ever have.
Youth Panellist

We’re offering advice and support to young people

  • We published 101 blogs written by young people under 25 about their experience of mental ill health and recovery.
  • Our Instagram following grew by 107% from 38,595 to 79,947.
  • We had 16,764 conversations with 6,751 texters via the YoungMinds Crisis Messenger, with 242 of those conversations leading to an active rescue.
  • We worked with O2 and our Activists to create our #OwnYourFeed campaign designed to help young people have a more positive time online. The campaign reached 1.1million young people and engaged over 500,000.
  • Nearly 2.5million UK users visited our website (59% more than the year before).
I actually needed to read this post today because I've been so scared to ask for help.
YoungMinds Instagram follower

We’re campaigning for change alongside young people

  • In September we launched our Act Early campaign to demand a cross-government strategy for young people's mental health. The campaign reached over 3.5million people and 70,000 people signed our petition.
  • Alongside Mind, we were partners in ITV's Britain Get Talking campaign, which an incredible 42% of the UK population either saw or heard about.
  • YoungMinds and our messages were included in an incredible 5,600 pieces of media coverage.
  • We supported our Activists to help Instagram understand young people's experiences of self-harm, eating disorders and suicide, which led to Instagram making policy changes.
In February, we prohibited graphic images of self-harm and built new technology to find and act on this type of content.
Instagram policy team

We’re supporting parents and carers

  • We supported 11,959 parents and carers via our Parents Helpline, including nearly 8,000 calls and over 4,000 emails.
  • We gave 2,983 parents and carers a 50-minute follow-up consultation with a mental health professional.
  • 77% of respondents said that they changed their approach to supporting their child following their call with our Parents Helpline.
  • 1,098,217 UK users visited the For Parents section of our website (up an incredible 71% on last year)
Thank you for the support when I didn't know how to help my son. I have followed your advice on how to manage the situation, and it helped so, so much. He is happier than ever and he has a great relationship with us, his family. Thanks, especially to the lady that I spoke over the phone with.
Parents Helpline caller

We're supporting schools to be there for their pupils

  • We delivered 40 'open access' training courses, reaching 327 professionals.
  • We supported 70 schools and organisations with tailor-made in-house training.
  • 97% of trainees rated our training course 'excellent' or 'good'.
  • Through our 360° Schools community, we now support 15,490 teaching professionals with free mental health resources, tips and best practice.
We're really worrying about the future and feeling a bit lost, particularly coming out of this pandemic.
Elsa, Youth Panel

We're creating systemic change for young people

  • Through our NHS England-funded Amplified programme, we facilitated 28 workshops for NHS Clinical Networks, with over 95% of respondents rating the workshop they attended as either 'excellent' or 'good'.
  • We delivered 28 in-house training courses to 15 organisations, and 16 training courses to 165 members of the children's workforce, as part of our YoungMinds Welcome programme, which focuses on the mental health needs of refugee and asylum-seeking children.
  • We took on a pioneering project to support eight Clinical Commissioning Groups across North West London to develop an intervention to improve the experience of young people leaving Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) at age 18.
I feel that I have more clarity about what I would like to implement within my service, and I feel that this workshop has given me the confidence to try.
Amplified workshop participant

Reports from previous years

Looking for an older report? You’ll find all our impact reports available to download below.

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YoungMinds exists so that young people have the strongest possible voice in improving their mental health. We need your help to make sure that voice is heard.

The amount of times I’d tried to break out of this shell, talk about ‘I’m feeling a bit down’, ‘I’m feeling a bit scared’, I couldn’t do it. And now I can do it openly.
Alex, Youth Activist
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