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#FightingFor Report

Our #FightingFor report finds that despite greater awareness about young people's mental health, support is still too hard to find.

Days can turn into weeks, weeks can turn into months, months can turn into years- this refers to the waiting time for mental health support for many children and their families. With YoungMinds, I am striving to change this situation so no-one has to suffer like my son did.
Catherine, Parent

This report was published in September 2018. 

Support Our Work

YoungMinds exists so that young people have the strongest possible voice in improving their mental health. We need your help to make sure that voice is heard.

The amount of times I’d tried to break out of this shell, talk about ‘I’m feeling a bit down’, ‘I’m feeling a bit scared’, I couldn’t do it. And now I can do it openly.
Alex, Youth Activist
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