YoungMinds Welcome

YoungMinds Welcome

Our project to support the mental health needs of Refugee and Asylum Seeking Children.

Project aim

To support the mental health needs of asylum seeking and refugee children.

Through YoungMinds Welcome, we aim to build skills and capacity within the children's services workforce and help professionals to support the most vulnerable young people.

By engaging various workforces across East Kent, Croydon and Teesside we are working towards practical changes within local systems to promote a more trauma informed approach.


Who's it for

YoungMinds Welcome is for foster carers, social workers, schools staff and any other professionals supporting asylum seeking and refugee children.  In Year One the project focused on workforces in Kent and Croydon.  In Year 2 we will be expanding the project and launching in Teesside.

Project outcomes

As part of YoungMinds Welcome, we have been running a set of conferences and training days for professionals who work with refugee and asylum seeking children and young people.  In early 2018 we ran conferences in Kent and Croydon and subsequently have been providing free training courses across the 2 areas. These training days focus on supporting the mental health needs of asylum seeking and refugee children. In 2019 we will be offering follow up days and also be offering these courses across Teesside. 

For details please email Project Administrator: [email protected] 

Project contacts

For more information contact:

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