Get Involved with Amplified

Get Involved with Amplified

Whether you’re a young person, parent, carer, or a mental health professional, find out how you can join our Amplified networks and have your say on mental health services in the UK

Young People: Join Young Voices Amplified

Join our network of Young People who are having their voices heard and have the opportunity to become a YoungMinds Activist, Youth Participation Champion or Paid Youth Advisor.

Parents: Join Parents Voices Amplified

Join our network of parents and carers and have your say on mental health services for young people. You can give feedback and help shape changes to services as well as volunteer to speak out and raise awareness about mental health issues in children and young people.

Professionals: Join the Digital Participation Network

The Amplified Digital Participation Network is a way for professionals supporting children and young people’s mental health to stay up to date with news about participation and share good practice across the whole system.

Organisations: Become a Participation Trailblazer

We’ll be working with 18 organisations or services across England to develop a specific element of your participation strategy.

This year, we are selecting projects which have a focus on increasing the involvement of young people experiencing extra vulnerabilities.

Applications for this year are now closed (to re-open early next year), and successful applicants will be notified shortly.

Email to find out more.

For more information about Participation Trailblazers you can download our FAQ doc.

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