Parents Lounge: Having difficult conversations

In this session of our Parents Lounge, our Parents Helpline experts give you their advice and tips on how to have difficult conversations with your child.

Talking to your child about how their feeling can be hard.

Jo, Head of Parent Services and Sarah, Parents Helpline Volunteer, recap their top tips for approaching difficult conversations with your child.

This session covers:

  • Why it may be difficult for parents to talk to their children about mental health
  • Approaching conversation with teenagers who don’t want to engage
  • Laying good foundations of communication
  • Top tips for starting those conversations

Jo and Sarah's five top tips:

  1. Start with a general conversation
  2. Be very honest
  3. Always validate their feelings
  4. Reassure them with love and support
  5. Understand it’s not always about providing a solution immediately
Validating their feelings, whether they’re 5 or 15, is really important. Acknowledge what they’re feeling is real for them…even if you don’t share it.
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