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    The changing face of grief

    “I couldn’t have dealt with grief any other way, because that would indicate being somewhat prepared for the wave of emotion that characterises it.” Nazifa reflects on the ways she grieved after her dad died when she was 23.

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    What I wish I’d known about dealing with loss at Christmas

    When Louisa, 17, lost her grandmother in December last year, she found Christmas really difficult. Here she shares some things she wishes someone had told her at the time.

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    Losing someone you don’t love: the complexity of grief

    Grief can be complex; it doesn’t have a set timeline and we all grieve differently. This is something Laura experienced when she was grieving her dad.

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    Dealing with the January blues in lockdown

    After the rush of the holidays, January can feel difficult at the best of times. But with a new lockdown due to Covid-19, this year it may feel particularly difficult. Nia, 22, shares how she's coping.

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    How I started talking about my grief

    Ryan shares how he processed his grief and spoke to people he trusted after his best friend passed away.

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    Feelings and symptoms

    Grief and loss

    When you lose someone close to you, it’s natural to feel sad, depressed, worried or angry. Everyone reacts in their own way. If you’re finding it hard to cope, we can help you find support.

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    What it’s like to grieve for someone who's still alive

    When Laura’s partner went into an induced coma, she began to grieve. She realised you could experience grief when someone was still alive, and describes here how it felt.

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    Supporting a child with grief and loss during the Covid-19 pandemic

    When experiencing grief and loss, it can be hard to know how best to support your child - especially if you were unable to be with your loved one when they died due to lockdown restrictions. Our Parents Helpline experts share their advice.

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    Parents guide to support A-Z

    Supporting Your Child During Divorce or Separation

    If you're worried about how your relationship break-up might affect your child, here is our advice and information on where you can get help.

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    Coping with loss at Christmas

    The festive period can be a really difficult time of year if you've lost someone. Zoe, 20, shares her tips for coping with grief at Christmas.

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