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    School Resources

    Tips Leaflet for Parents: Supporting your child during the coronavirus pandemic

    Practical tips to help support your child if they are feeling anxious about coronavirus.

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    Press Releases

    YoungMinds publishes advice for young people and parents on mental health impact of coronavirus

    Leading mental health charity, YoungMinds, has issued advice to young people and parents on how to look after their mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

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    Talking to your child about coronavirus

    If your child is worried or anxious about coronavirus, here’s our Parents Helpline experts’ advice on what you can do.

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    Coronavirus: Impact on Young People with Mental Health Needs

    Read our reports looking at the impact of coronavirus on the mental health of young people and find out what we're asking of Government.

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    How To Fundraise

    Glam Up and Give

    We've joined nine of the UK’s most vital and best-loved charities to help those severely affected by the coronavirus crisis. All you need to do is get spruced up and share the love.

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    For parents

    Supporting your child during the coronavirus pandemic

    Tips, advice and where to get support for your child's mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

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    Coronavirus, autism and my mental health

    Madeleine, 19, shares how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected their mental health as an autistic person.

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    Press Releases

    Coronavirus having major impact on young people with mental health needs – new survey

    The first survey investigating the mental health impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus on young people with mental health needs has been published, revealing the pressure that the crisis has put on young people and support services.

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    Coping with an eating disorder during the coronavirus pandemic

    For people with eating problems, the coronavirus pandemic poses some unique challenges. Author and mental health campaigner Hope Virgo shares her advice for coping at this difficult time.

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    Campaign With Us

    Beyond Tomorrow

    We're calling on the Government to limit the long-term impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on young people’s mental health

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