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    ADHD and mental health

    Struggling to concentrate, having too much energy or not being able to easily control your behaviour are some of the symptoms of ADHD. Find out more about ADHD and how to get help.

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    Parents guide to support A-Z

    Supporting Your Child With ADHD

    If your child is struggling to manage their ADHD, here are some ways you can support them and places you can get help.

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    ADHD, As Told By A 10 Year Old

    Molly is 10 years old and has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This is what life is like for her.

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    Enter the 2017 London Marathon for YoungMinds

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    Dexamfetamine (including lisdexamfetamine)

    Dexamfetamine ("DEX-am-FET-a-meen") is a central nervous stimulant (CNS) used to treat ADHD

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    Methylphenidate ("MEE-thile-FEN-i-date") is a central nervous stimulant that can be used to treat ADHD

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    For parents

    Parents guide to support A-Z

    Our A-Z gives you advice on how to help your child with specific mental health conditions, and life events which might be negatively affecting their wellbeing. We'll also show you where you can get help.

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    Atomoxetine ("A-tom-OX-et-een") can be used to treat ADHD

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    Autism and mental health

    Autism is not a mental health problem. It's a developmental condition that affects how you see the world and how you interact with other people.

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    Feelings and symptoms

    Problems at school

    School can be a place that we enjoy but for some of us, it can be a tough time. If you are finding school difficult, there are ways that you can get the help you deserve.

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