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    YoungMinds Professionals

    YoungMinds Professionals is our toolbox of consultancy and training services for leaders and front line workers across the children’s mental health system. We apply our professional experience, together with participation and a whole-systems approach – to drive improvement across young people’s mental health and help you achieve the best possible outcomes for children and their families who need mental health support.

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    Campaign With Us

    Beyond Tomorrow

    We're calling on the Government to limit the long-term impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on young people’s mental health

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    Coronavirus: Impact on Young People with Mental Health Needs

    Read our reports looking at the impact of coronavirus on the mental health of young people and find out what we're asking of Government.

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    Waiting Times Having Devastating Effect on Vulnerable Children

    YoungMinds says waiting times for mental health treatment could be having a devastating impact on vulnerable children and their families.

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    YoungMinds Parents Helpline Nominated for Top Award

    YoungMinds Parents Helpline is delighted to have been nominated for a prestigious Children & Young People Now, Family Support Award.

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    Thank You TextAnywhere

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    Amplified Resources

    Resources to help services and organisations make sure the voices of children, young people and parents are being heard throughout the mental health system.

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    Find a course

    Online workshop: Trauma and Adversity

    Learn about the impact of adverse life experiences on children’s wellbeing and use trauma-informed approaches to support their mental health.

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    Supporting a child with grief and loss during the Covid-19 pandemic

    When experiencing grief and loss, it can be hard to know how best to support your child - especially if you were unable to be with your loved one when they died due to lockdown restrictions. Our Parents Helpline experts share their advice.

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    New Commission Launched to Improve Young People’s Mental Health

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