Amplified Resources

Amplified Resources

Our online and offline resources help services and organisations to make sure the voices of children, young people and parents are being heard throughout the mental health system.

Amplified Resources

We're working with children, young people and parents to develop resources which will help you to develop participation in your organisation.

The tools are relevant to professionals working right across the young people's mental health system, including: 

  • Schools and colleges
  • Inpatient services
  • Youth justice settings
  • Statutory and voluntary services (including youth groups and charity based support)

This year all our resources have a special focus on supporting the participation of young people experiencing extra vulnerabilities. 

Mental Health Glossary

We worked with young people, parents and carers to create a glossary of the common acronyms and abbreviations you might come across when speaking about the young people's mental health system.

You can use it yourself, or share it with the young people, parents or carers you are working with. 

Vulnerable Groups Toolkit

Amplified toolkits are co-created with services, young people, parents and carers. They offer practical guidance on developing specific areas of participation.

In March 2018 we will launch our first toolkit, focusing on supporting the participation of young people experiencing extra vulnerabilities. This will build on the work of the Trailblazers (see above) and the participation priorities outlined by the Department of Health and YoungMinds in 2011.

Make sure you are part of Amplified's Digital Participation Network to receive Toolkit news and updates.

Good Practice Examples

We want to celebrate the many examples of how meaningful participation is already having an impact across the services supporting young people. 

We are asking organisations and services to share your participation learning and successes with us. Selected case studies will be shared in Amplified E-Bulletins, webinars, resources, training and here in our Resources Hub.

Read Best Practice:

  • Yorkshire & the Humber, CYP Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Network - Download PDF. The network has a group called Stairways which has a membership of around 40 young people who represent the full Yorkshire and Humber network area - which incorporates 15 local authorities and over 20 CCGs. Members include both services users and those who haven’t accessed mental health services.  The network also involves local youth organisations  who support their young members to get involved. 
  • Blackpool CAMHS, Entwined Minds (Patient Participation Group) - Download PDF. Blackpool CAMHS have set up a patient participation group called Entwined Minds (named by the service users), which runs once a month and is open to all ages. They discuss patient experiences and ask for young people’s views on our website/waiting room/ leaflets with the plan for them to redesign tools and spaces within CAMHS.

Training and Support

NHS England commissioned settings can access free webinars, training and Learning Exchanges where you'll share knowledge and best practice related to participation.

Insights Survey

In 2017, we invited young people, parents and carers to tell us about your experiences of and attitudes towards participation in mental health services - the successes, the ambitions, as well as the challenges.

We’re using the results of our Insights Survey to inform the work of #TeamAmplified over the next four years. The survey will be repeated in 2019.


Every year Amplified supports twelve Trailblazers to develop an innovative participation project in their organisation. Their work will be shared as good practice over the course of this year.

Further Guidance

Clinical Collaboration

MH Information Passport

A tool to help young people using services, or parents with younger children, to own and communicate their story when moving between different services.

My CAMHS Choices

A website to provide young people accessing CAMHS with the information required to make meaningful choices about their care.  It presents the perspectives of both young people and professionals.


A patient-reported measure of shared decision making, suitable for use both in research and routine health care delivery.


A tool led by Common Room in collaboration with the Evidenced Based Practice Unit to support collaborative decision-making between children, young people and mental health professionals in inpatient and community mental health services.

Goals and Goal Based Outcomes

Information in using goal based outcomes measures with children and young people developed by Dr Duncan Law and Jenna Jacob as part of the Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC )


HeadMeds gives young people in the United Kingdom general information about psychiatric medication. The site includes a jargon buster covering common words terms related to mental health medication.

Next Step

A Goal Based Outcomes tool designed to support health or education professionals promote the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. 

Guidance for the Recognition and Reward of Participation Activities

This report by the Children's Commissioner suggests ways in which children and young people can be rewarded for taking part in participation opportunities, while also supported to develop further skills and learning.

Recognition, Rewards, Remuneration and Accreditation for CYP Participation

This guide from Save the Children explains different forms of recognition, such as, incentives, rewards, remuneration, accreditation and the importance of recognising children and young people’s contributions in different ways.

Strategic Collaboration

NHS Digital Badges

Working with children and young people, NHS England has developed 12 digital badges for 5-16 year olds. They offer a way for children and young people to find out more about healthcare, share their views, get involved in their own health and gain recognition for their achievements.

NHS Youth Forum Posters

Co-produced health resources to use with young people including posters explaining consent, confidentiality, feedback and rights.  

Hear by Right - self assessment tool

A self-assessment tool to map and plan the participation of children and young people in your organisation

Delivering With, Delivering Well

The ‘Delivering With’ values set out standards with regards to: access and voice, clinical collaboration and young people’s strategic collaboration within services.

Realising the Value

Publications and practical tools grounded in both evidence and practice, relevant to commissioners, providers and practitioners putting person-and community-centred approaches into practice.

& Us 

A hub offering children and young people's participation and advocacy resources, including a guide on developing your youth engagement strategy 

How to involve young people in commissioning

A guide from Participation Works on involving children and young people in the commissioning of services

How to develop youth forums in the NHS

Newham CCG have developed a how to guide for Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS Trusts and other providers of health and care services to help develop robust structures and processes to support the sustainable involvement of Young Commissioners

British Psychological Society- Seeing a clinical psychologist resource

The Children, Young People and Family Faculty of the Division of Clinical Psychology, along with their Youth Panel, have co-produced a wallet card that helps young people understand what clinical psychology is and how it can help them.  Print copies can be ordered from the faculty.

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