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See how we made a difference to children and young people in this year’s impact report.

Our impact in 2015-16

Every year we report on the progress we’ve made and how we’ve achieved what we set out to. Our annual impact reports showcase some of the great work we do and provide a check-in to make sure we’re still on track to meet our strategic objectives as well as outline where we go next.

In 2015-16 we:

  • 10,420 young people were involved in our YoungMinds Vs campaigning
  • More than 64,500 young people pledged their support for the YoungMinds Vs charter for change
  • Young people promoted mental health in over 400 organisations
  • Over 1 million people visited our HeadMeds website
  • The Parents Say network grew to 1,375 people
  • Our Parents Helpline supported 12,792 people
  • We worked with Warwickshire County Council and Tower Hamlets, to help them better track the impact their services have on children and young people
  • We supported 60 schools to adopt the Academic Resilience Approach
  • Facebook fans increased by over a third this year, from 10,389 to 16,242. Meanwhile our Twitter followers increased by more than a quarter, from 53,784 to 73,391
Download our 2015-16 Impact Report

Reports from previous years

Looking for an older report? You’ll find all our impact reports available to download below.

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The amount of times I’d tried to break out of this shell, talk about ‘I’m feeling a bit down’, ‘I’m feeling a bit scared’, I couldn’t do it. And now I can do it openly.
Alex, Youth Activist
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