Beyond Adversity

We’re calling on the Government and NHS to provide better children’s mental health services for young people who have gone through difficult experiences.

Why Beyond Adversity matters

Half of all mental health issues begin before the age of 14. If they continue into adulthood, they can have a significant impact on physical and mental health.

Our new report, Beyond Adversity, suggests that there are fundamental misunderstandings about young peoples’ behaviour which means the problem is not being properly addressed.

Our recommendations to Government

We’re making recommendations to Government, calling on them to:

  1. fast-track children for mental health support when they need it, even if they don’t meet the usual thresholds for those services 
  2. improve training for doctors, teachers, social workers, police officers and charities 
  3. establish an expert group to improve understanding of adverse experiences in childhood and provide consistent treatment across the country.
It is the experiences we find hardest to talk about in our society which have a lasting impact on the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. Be it family breakdown, bereavement, domestic violence or sexual abuse, we must ensure that all services are better able to identify childhood adversity and help to resolve the trauma related to it.
Sarah Brennan OBE - Chief Executive
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