Become a YoungMinds Activist

Become a YoungMinds Activist

Join us and campaign for change in children and young people's mental health. Find out how to become an activist and what you’ll be able to do when you join us.

What is an Activist?

We recruit a number of young people every year from throughout the UK who work with us to:

  • raise awareness of mental health
  • co-design and launch campaigns
  • improve the experience of young people with mental health problems
  • speak out about young people's mental health in the media and events and conferences
  • contribute to our social media content
  • have their say on national and local youth mental health policy 
  • give a youth perspective into everything we do at YoungMinds

What is the Activist Programme?

The YoungMinds Activist Program is a three year program structured around the themes of Involve, Develop & Progress. Throughout your time as an Activist you will learn new skills, immerse yourself in campaigning for better youth mental health and gain experience and insight to help you in discover your interests and talents. Once you become a YoungMinds Activist you will join a community of like-minded young people campaigning for change, and you will be able to stay in touch with each other long-past your three years, with our Activist Alumni Program.

Here’s what our current Activists say about the program:

It was the first moment I felt like I had real influence. It was special because, when you have depression, you don’t feel like much of what you do has an impact on the world.
Aaliyah, Activist

Why become an Activist?

Throughout your time with us, you’ll develop plenty of new skills and take on experiences that will help you in your future career, including:

  • Developing skills in campaigning, media, facilitating and/or presenting
  • Meeting new people (both professionals and young people)
  • Leading the way in helping to create positive attitudes and change around youth mental health
  • Sharing your story and encouraging other young people to find the the courage to talk about mental health
  • Inspire young people who are struggling with their mental health to look for support

As an activist, you’ll have our full support – we’ll work with you to identify the campaigns and volunteering opportunities that are right for you. We’ll also check in with you after each activity to get your feedback and make sure you’re getting what you need from the opportunity.

Training opportunities

As an Activist, you’ll be able to come to a 2 day training course to start you off with all the skills you need to get going.

And over the year, you’ll also be able to come along to various sessions with other activists where you’ll learn new skills and have the opportunity to network with other young people.

Activist opportunities

Alongside our regular Activist meet-ups, you will also be given the opportunity to join in with other projects at YoungMinds. Check out our website and YouTube channel for examples of what our Activists have been involved with. 

How to apply

If you’re aged 14 to 25 and have experience related to mental health (including personal experience or caring for someone with a mental health problem) or an interest in mental health, then you can apply to become an Activist!

We recruit Activists from a range of backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, sexualities and religions – everyone’s welcome and the mixture of backgrounds of our Activists is part of what makes it so exciting.

We recruit Activists twice a year, usually focusing on a specific region at a time, and if you’re successful we’ll ask that you commit for at least 12 months (though most of our Activists keep campaigning long after that!).

We’ll be recruiting again for Activists in the Spring so check this page then to find out how to apply.

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