Zoe Harman

Zoe Harman

Zoe is running for her 6 year-old son Sampson.

Zoe Harman

Zoe is running for her son Sampson. Here's why:

My son Sampson. He is a cheeky, intelligent, sensitive, caring 6 year old boy. He suffers from anxiety. Hearing your 6 year old say he wants to die and not live anymore is something I wouldn't wish on anybody else. As a Mum we do everything and anything for our children. If they fall over, we give the leg or arm a kiss and a plaster.. If they are sick we take them to the doctor, make them drink Lucozade and nurse them until they are better.

se people have had to listen to my son have the most awful nightmares. Comforted him when he cried uncontrollably for hours.

Children with mental health issues have a stigma attached to them and we need to make EVERYONE aware of the issues they face.

YoungMinds is a charity that has been set up to help parents and children understand exactly what mental health is all about. I contacted them when I didn't know which way to turn when Sampson first began to show signs of distress. They helped me realise i wasn't on my own.

Please give whatever you can.

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