Paul & Norman Scates

Paul & Norman Scates

A truly inspiring father and son story.

Paul & Norman Scates

At 16, whilst experiencing terrifying psychosis and paranoia, Paul attempted to take his life. 

I was in a very dark place where my mind had become polluted with huge waves of distortion engulfing my very existence. The attempt left me with a broken back, bed bound and paralysed for 10 months. My road to recovery, or as I call it discovery, was a rocky and difficult path but one which also shone a small glimmer of light. A torch bearer, igniting the fire, providing hope and a sense of belonging, that torch bearer was my father.

Our recovery has followed the many rough and smooth terrains of life, we’ve jumped and walked around the many pit holes and together we have crossed the finish line to lead a life of discovery. It is with this combined strength and the unique bond of a father and son that we set ourselves the challenge and lay down the gauntlet.

As we support, encourage and motivate one another, guide our way through the difficult and hopefully fun times of training, and challenge one another’s resistance we will together cross the finish line once again. My father’s support has saved my life and this is an opportunity for me to support him to overcome his challenge of exercise. My father is running for the first time in 30 years!

Ultimately our challenge is a celebration of our relationship, our recovery and a thank you to my father for giving me my life back, one in which I can now truly experience laughter and joy.

As we achieve our dream, we really hope our journey offers courage and hope too many other men and children who are struggling to find their strength.


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