John Thompson

John Thompson

Running to raise awareness of his niece’s struggle with anorexia.

John Thompson

Running to raise awareness of his niece’s story, we welcome John to our London Marathon team.

I’m representing YoungMinds at the London Marathon to help raise awareness of the charity that supports children in similar situations to my niece. I’ve run the London Marathon previously but I realised that my niece’s condition is far more complex and long term than just having an eating disorder. Therefore I plan to continue my fundraising for YoungMinds throughout 2017.

Ellie's story

My niece Ellie, at 16 years old has had anorexia for the past three years and this has resulted in her being admitted to hospital on numerous occasions, referred to CAMHS and admitted to numerous special mental health residential units for a significant number of months at a time.

Her parents require an ever increasing amount of support, whether she is under residential specialist care or at home, and the wider family live too far away from us to be able to offer the practical support which is often required at extremely short notice.

Marathon Ambition

I want to demonstrate to Ellie, through my running challenges, that success can be achieved and difficulties overcome with effort and perseverance.

I am used to following a comprehensive training plan having now run three marathons.  Running is also a stress relief for me personally so I am happy to prioritise it alongside work and family, as I have done throughout this year raising funds for YoungMinds.

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