Emily Brailsford

Emily Brailsford

Emily is running in memory of her son William. Read her story.

Emily Brailsford

Emily tells us why running the London Marathon in support of YoungMinds and Heads Together is so important.

YoungMinds and Heads Together are doing amazing work, I will probably spend the rest of my life doing as much as I can physically and emotionally for them going forward. 

My son William

I lost my son William in 2014 to suicide when he was just 14. My story is one I want to tell far and wide to spread awareness.

William showed no signs of depression and this came as a huge shock and tragedy for my family and everyone who knew him. Despite being told by officials this is a rare thing to occur, in the time that's past I have found an untruth in this and see this as an epidemic in our youth, along with self- harm.


Heads Together and YoungMinds cover so many of the objectives I wish to fulfil in my life as a suicide survivor in terms of making a change and difference, even if this does hurt me deeply every step of the way. I feel I know hands on and more in depth about this subject than many others due to my circumstances. As much as I hate that this has happened, I feel I can use my knowledge, heartache and experience to help others.

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