Dan Dark

Dan Dark

Find out why Dan is passionate about championing children and young people’s mental health.

Dan Dark

Dan tells us all about what has inspired his running in the London Marathon in support of YoungMinds.

I’m passionate about championing children and young people’s mental health. I have chosen to support YoungMinds because I think it’s an amazing life changing charity, offering invaluable support and guidance to children, young people and their families in need.

As a teacher, learning of the complexities of a school environment and the diversity of student needs, I quickly realised that addressing my student’s wellbeing, above all else, is what matters the most.

Personal experience

My wife has suffered and battled with anorexia nervosa for seven years and has had to overcome and fight many painstaking battles. The advice and support from the Parents Helpline, online and offline, is incredibly useful not just for carers, but also for partners, in knowing how to respond sensitively and effectively in situations.

Her resilience and determination to not give up has been inspiring. We’ve faced lots of battles together - two extended periods of inpatient treatment, countless sessions of therapy, relapses and victories - but watching her find hope and support from amazing charities like YoungMinds has been really helpful and life-giving.

I believe every child and young person battling mental health problems deserves the support my wife had, I genuinely believe it is the reason she is here today and getting closer to recovery every day. All of these experiences combined have driven my desire to be an ambassador for YoungMinds because no child should battle alone. 

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