Alice Cheshire

Alice Cheshire

Alice tells us all why running for YoungMinds and Heads Together is so important.

Alice Cheshire

Alice tells us all about why running for YoungMinds and Heads Together is so important:

I’m supporting YoungMinds and Heads Together because I believe mental health is too important to push aside anymore. Watching some of the coverage of the London Marathon 2016 I found myself getting quite emotional at how amazing an achievement it is and listening to some of the runners’ stories. When I heard that Heads Together was the Charity of the Year I knew that this was the year to go for it.

Challenging the stigma 

My motivations are quite limited. I want to raise funds and yes, I want to push myself and see what I can achieve (anything over £2k is big for me!), but ultimately I want this to facilitate starting conversations and raising awareness for such an important issue.

We happily chat about our physical health and it’s time we were as open about our mental health. I try and have a daily conversation about mental health, whether it is about personal experiences, a more high level discussion about policies or anything in-between. My brother, but also some of my oldest friends as well as colleagues and acquaintances have all faced mental health difficulties in a unique way but they are all linked by having struggled on and off since a young age.

My boyfriend is also organising a fancy dress fundraising pub crawl on the day following my progress along the course. I’m not expecting our friends and family to be in a great state at the end…

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