Our Mental Health Manifesto

Our Mental Health Manifesto

We’re sharing our priorities for the Government on children and young people’s mental health.

Why we're campaigning

On average, 3 children in every school class have a diagnosable mental health condition and the number of children and young people arriving at A&E with a psychiatric condition has more than doubled since 2010.

There is a mental health crisis among young people.

We’re calling on the Government to commit to improving services and promoting good mental health.

Children's mental health: 10 priorities for the government

We believe that, in order to tackle the current crisis, the Government must make 10 crucial commitments:

  1. Rebalance the education system to prioritise emotional wellbeing and mental health
  2. Prioritise the prevention of mental health problems among children and young people
  3. Invest additional and sustained funding for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  4. Improve access to CAMHS for children and young people who need it
  5. Tackle the crisis in recruiting and retaining staff in CAMHS
  6. Strengthen and enforce rights for children in mental health hospitals
  7. Give young people an equal say on the mental health care they receive
  8. Help children and young people cope with the pressures of the online world
  9. Require that all children’s services understand the impact of childhood trauma on young people’s mental health
  10. Help families, parents and carers to support children with their mental health
While some improvements have been happening, they simply aren’t happening fast enough. We need to see real action to accompany the rhetoric.
Sarah Brennan OBE - Chief Executive

The Government's Green Paper

In December, the Government published a Green Paper laying out their plans to improve support for children and young people in mental health services, schools and colleges. We welcome many of their proposals, but – with services currently in a state of crisis – we think that far more needs to be done. Find out more about the Government’s proposals and our views here.

Find out more

To read about our ten priorities and recommendations in more detail, download our manifesto.

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