Coping on Campus

We’re building an online movement that helps support students through uni stress. Become a mental health campaigner at your university.

Why we’re campaigning

Even though university is supposed to be the best time of your life, 92% of students say they have experienced feelings of mental distress.

An unhappy university experience and poor mental health can create a cycle that may continue well beyond university into adulthood. We want to break this cycle with our #CopingOnCampus movement.

Our #CopingOnCampus resources contains everything you need to become a campaigner for better student mental health.

Did you know?

20% of university students consider themselves to have a mental health problem.

Our solution

We want you to share our #CopingOnCampus zine with your friends and fellow students. It includes:

  • stats about uni stress and student mental health
  • real life stories from bloggers who understand how you’re feeling and have been there themselves
  • tips for beating uni stress to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat
  • A guide to campaigning for better mental health services at your university.
I was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety during my final year of undergraduate studies. Without the help of student services (particularly the mental health and wellbeing team) I wouldn't have had the confidence to complete my course, then return and study my Masters
Josh, YoungMinds contributor

How to get involved

You can show your support by:

  • Campaigning for great mental health support services at your university. Read our Coping on Campus Zine.
  • Follow us on social media @YoungMindsUK and share your views using hashtag #CopingOnCampus
  • Donating to YoungMinds to help support the work we do. How to donate to YoungMinds.

Real Life Stories

Here are some more real life stories, from bloggers who have experienced mental illness at university: 

Questions To Ask Yourself At Uni
Do you know what may be affecting your mood, mind and mentality? These are the questions you could ask yourself to ensure you are loving yourself every day.

Stress, Is It Friend Or Foe?
University student Grace talks about finding the balance when it comes to dealing with stress at uni.

Recognising Stress At Uni
Drawing on his own experience at university, guest blogger Liam talks about why it’s important for students to be aware of their mental health during a time of pressure and change.

Getting Help At Uni
“I felt myself gradually beginning to decline at university, but didn’t realize until I was already very low.” Jasmine shares about her depression and how she found help at uni.

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