Drug use

Drug use

Find out how drug use can affect mental health and where to find more information and support

Drugs and you

Young people take drugs for different reasons. Sometimes it's to cope with abuse or family problems, to fit in with a group, or just to try something new.

You may have been offered drugs or know others who use them. If drugs are part of your world, it's important to know the facts, and where to go for help and advice.

Drugs and mental health

Drugs and mental health are linked in a few ways.

  1. Using drugs or alcohol can be a way to deal with difficult emotions like the pain of mental illness. Mental health problems that affect your judgement or cause risky behaviour could also make you more likely to take drugs.
  2. You could reach a point where you feel unable to cope without the drug and your life revolves around getting more of it, so that it's in control of you. Addiction is often linked with mental illness.
  3. There's a risk that drug use could make a mental health condition worse, or make someone more likely to develop mental illness. For example, there's a link between cannabis use and paranoia, while other drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms can produce psychosis.

Where to get help and information

FRANK has lots of reliable information about drug use and where to find support.

Need someone to talk to? You can  contact Childline by phone, online chat or email.

For parents

Parents and carers worried about their children's drug use can contact the YoungMinds Parents Helpline

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