Self-Harm Training

Manage the risks and learn how to respond to self-harm in children and young people

What you'll learn

This course is designed to remove myths and misunderstandings, enabling you to understand, help and support young people who self-harm.

During the course you’ll:

  • Understand the common myths and stigma surrounding self harm
  • Be able to assess, minimise and manage risks effectively and explore alternatives to self-harm
  • Appreciate the perspectives of other professionals, parents and young people
  • Help develop the resilience of people vulnerable to self-harm using proven strategies
  • Develop your own tailored self-harm policy that provides clear information and guidance
  • Explore and reflect on your own feelings about self-harm, and how they influence your practice

Why take this course?

To many professionals, parents and young people self harm is a highly sensitive subject. Its myths, misunderstandings and stigma mean we are often uncertain and worried about the best ways to help and support young people who self-harm.

You’ll understand self-harm and develop practical strategies to boost children and young people’s resilience, enabling you to provide effective support for people who need help.

This course is CPD Accredited

CPD Certified

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