Resilience Training : 'Ordinary Magic' And Learnable Skills

Resilience Training : 'Ordinary Magic' And Learnable Skills

Resilient children are better equipped to resist adversity and recover better from traumatic events. This course helps you promote resilience in work with children and families.

What you’ll learn

This one-day course helps you understand why resilience matters and how to promote it in children, families and the people working with them.

By the end of it, you’ll:

  • understand what resilience is and the theories underpinning it
  • show how to lead constructive self talk
  • be able to help children and their families develop emotional literacy
  • find problem-solving techniques
  • generate creative and novel ways of working with children and families
Inspiring, enjoyable and full of good ideas
Social worker, London

Why take the course?

Resilient children can resist adversity and recover more successfully from traumatic events. They develop well despite growing up in high risk environments and being able to cope and come out stronger is at the heart of resilience.

Resilience can be a product of their environment, their parents or their peers but children aren’t born with resilience, they learn it. Even children who haven’t yet been able to develop resilience can be taught it.

But to be an effective process, all the people who interact with children and young people have to be able to support resilience-building.

Regardless of their past environment, resilient children have as much potential as anyone else - possibly even more so as they’re equipped to deal with whatever the future brings them.

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