Building Resilience Training

Understand resilience and how to help build it in children and young people and the systems around them

What you’ll learn

This one-day course helps you understand why resilience matters and how to promote it in the children and families you work with.

By the end of it, you’ll:

  • understand what resilience is and the theories underpinning it
  • be able to lead constructive self talk (talking to yourself positively rather than negatively)
  • be able to help children and their families develop emotional literacy
  • learn new problem-solving techniques
  • explore and co-create new ways of working with children and families
Inspiring, enjoyable and full of good ideas
Social worker, London

Why take the course?

Being able to cope and bounce-back, despite experiencing traumatic events, is at the heart of resilience.

Regardless of their past environment, resilient children have as much potential as anyone else - possibly even more so as they’re equipped to deal with whatever the future brings them.

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