Autism Spectrum Disorders Training

Autism Spectrum Disorders Training

Understand the autism spectrum, including Asperger Syndrome, learning strategies that respond to and support children and young people in a variety of settings.

What you’ll learn

Thinking and practice about the autism spectrum changes as we learn more about it. This course will update your knowledge and help you better support children and young people and provide you with practical suggestions

By the end of the course, you’ll:

  • know more about the autism spectrum, including Asperger Syndrome
  • be able to describe the disorders associated with it
  • understand the specific needs of girls and young women on the autism spectrum
  • respond better to the needs of children and young adults affected by it
  • develop autism-friendly strategies to support young people and/or their families and find out if more specialist help is neede

Why take the course?

Children and young adults on the autism spectrum, which includes Asperger Syndrome, have difficulty relating socially. They can be resistant to change and become dependent on restrictive routines.

Around one in 100 children and young people are affected. Some will need special educational support and many may  be vulnerable to bullying.

If you can spot the signs of autism as early as possible and help children and young people to develop strategies to cope, you can make a real difference to their future.

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