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ADHD and Mental Health Training

Identify, work with and provide a more positive environment for children and young people with ADHD

What you'll learn

This course is designed to help you identify, work with and provide a better environment for children and young people with ADHD.

By the end of the course, you’ll:

  • understand what ADHD is
  • learn what it feels like to have ADHD
  • learn to spot behaviours associated with ADHD
  • understand the potential impact it can have on home, school and relationships
  • develop strategies to work positively with children with ADHD and challenge stigma
I learned so much, the trainer was so knowledgeable and gave me some great strategies I can put in place immediately.
Anon, Cambridgeshire

Why take the course?

ADHD can have a significant impact on young people’s lives – it can affect what they achieve at school, how the behave at home and how they form relationships.

It’s been shown that children with ADHD are more likely to drop out of school, suffer from depression, have a teenage pregnancy or develop personality disorders.

But if you can spot the signs and provide the right environment for them, you can play a key role in helping to shape their future for the better.

Meet your trainers

Charlotte Levene – experienced social worker, trainer and consultant on young people’s mental health.

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