Academic Resilience: A Whole School Approach Training

Academic Resilience means students achieving good educational outcomes despite adversity. Understand what using the Academic Resilience Approach could do for your school and learn strategies to build resilience in all students.

What you'll learn

The capacity to cope with adversity, and even come out of it stronger, is at the heart of resilience, and you can learn strategies to build resilience through using the Academic Resilience Approach.

By the end of the course your staff will be able to:

  • Understand Academic Resilience and its benefits for your school
  • Recognise key theories of resilience and the relationship between risk, protective factors and resilience
  • Identify their own resilience, and that of the children, young people and families they work with
  • Understand workplace resilience
  • Identify vulnerable children and know how to support those at risk
  • Strategically build systemic resilience into their work

Why take the course?

Our course helps you understand how to ‘close the gap’ for the most vulnerable children and young people in your school. You’ll explore systems and processes to help you build resilience for all your pupils.

It’s well known that early intervention in emotional difficulties improves outcomes for children, families and society. Through Academic Resilience, you can help children at your school enjoy higher learning and educational attainment, better behaviour and attendance, and improved long term physical and mental health.

Our cancellation policy for training courses

The Academic Resilience Approach was created by Lisa Williams and Professor Angie Hart, based on Professor Hart's work at the University of Brighton and Boingboing and is being used with permission by YoungMinds.


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