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Surviving or thriving?

Mental Health Awareness Week looked at surviving or thriving, so we asked our activists what does surviving or thriving look like to you? Here's one of our activists thoughts.

As a turbulent individual, part of being me is to feel high stress levels that can lead to health problems. It's challenging learning how not to internalise stress and negative emotions.

It's helpful to remember that I am not a superhuman who must always aim for the best and never fail but I still sometimes find it hard to accept when I can't make a difference or change. Focusing on the things I can change should be a personal priority. It's the healthy alternative to beating myself up to the point of losing self confidence. Successful people only think about successes.

I constantly worry about my lack of social skills and feel secluded, isolated and have a tendency to be a verbal recluse.

I need to challenge the discomfort associated with change by overcoming the fear of the unknown, experiment and learn from experience.

I need to remember when in conflict not to use my rational shield to stay in my comfort zone because - dreams die in the comfort zone. Although very difficult, I try not to cheat myself instead working on my weaker traits.

When I'm stressed I have a tendency to withdraw from the situation, become emotional, feel like I'm incompetent, ignore others and live in my head especially if I care about the outcome. I have a very damaging tendency to psych myself out which includes creating fear, being indifferent, having an attitude of disarray and make barriers to action. In a state of mental paralysis, I am unable to prioritise not knowing what the bigger picture will look like. 

At times like this I remind myself that I don't have to see the full staircase I just need to concentrate on taking the first step. Also, giving myself permission to fail is a great way to start.   

I am always so immersed in my inner dialogue that I forget things. I have a never ending thinking process that can be chaotic and indecisive. Making me jump from one idea to another. Social media does not help. Multi-tasking is made worse by the demands of modern life. For me, it means that I have to deal with getting stressed by unfinished projects. The only solution is to stop multi-tasking by mental labelling, 'I am doing that now/ I am not doing that now' changing the perception of tasks which can be distractions.

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