Parents Helpline wins 2nd place in prestigious award

We're thrilled that our Parents Helpline was awarded 2nd place in the Helplines Partnership, Helpline of The Year Award 2016.

Emma Saddleton, Parents Helpline Manager said:

This is a wonderful achievement and accolade which recognizes all our hard work to support parents and families. We are really proud of all of our staff and volunteers for providing such a consistently excellent and often life-changing service."

The YoungMinds Parents Helpline receives over 13,000 contacts a year from parents and carers who are concerned about the mental health of a child or young person and is a lifeline to those that call.

If you're interested in helping to provide this vital service, we are looking for enthusiastic and committed volunteers for a training intake in spring 2017. More information on volunteering on the Parents' Helpline.

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