Back to School: Fight the stress

It’s been a long summer; but perhaps quicker than anticipated, the new school year is upon us. For many, the idea of seeing friends each day and getting back into student life can’t come soon enough, but for others, the mere thought of returning to the classroom is daunting enough. Everyone’s school experience is different.

Whether you’re starting in a new form, school or college, there is often a lot of stress and apprehension that comes with the return. From worrying about making friends to those pesky exams, we all have own issues and anxieties.

But don’t let the back to school blues get you down. Sit back, relax and read our tips to help calm your nerves in preparation for the new term.

Get into a daily routine

Organise your bag, uniform, books and everything else the night before so it isn’t one big rush in the morning. That way you can still have time to catch up on your favourite TV show before you head off.

A good night’s sleep

Getting plenty of ‘shuteye’ is great for clearing the mind, improving memory and ridding the body of toxins, to make you feel re-energised. It also aids concentration (great for staying alert in double Maths!) and helps to ease stress.

Food for thought

Don’t skip breakfast, or any meal for that matter! Having a balanced nutritious diet feeds the mind, supports the immune system and boosts your energy levels throughout the day. Time to fill up on those porridge oats!

Be yourself

You’ve probably heard it before, but being yourself is important - how else will you find like-minded people if you aren’t portraying an honest version of yourself? Plus, it will definitely get tiring continuing with the pretence sooner or later, so leave the acting for Drama class.

Take it one day at a time

From homework to exams, don’t try to approach everything at once, work out a prioritisation system for each task and take it step by step.

Try keeping a diary or pinning your tasks to a noticeboard in your room to keep abreast of it all. The key is in the planning!

Treat yourself

At the end of the week, treat yourself – catch a film at the cinema, go shopping, have a slice of cake - the choice is yours! It’s good to unwind and do the things that you want to do after five days in the classroom.

Exams aren’t everything

Adult life will teach you that it’s the people who are motivated and determined who succeed, it’s not always about intelligence or exam results, just try your best. Remember, not every career route revolves around top grades there are plenty of other factors.

Be positive

Whatever happens, see the next phase as an opportunity and a stepping stone rather than an obstacle. Life is a journey and it’s up to you how you use it; for every ‘down’ there’s an ‘up’!

Open up

If school life is really getting you down remember you’re not alone. As difficult as it may seem, talking to a friend, parent or someone you trust can be a weight lifted. There’s no need to suffer alone. 

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