• Laurie - Head of Participation and Consultancy

    Laurie - Head of Participation and Consultancy

    Laurie leads our youth participation work, making sure we have the experience of young people at the heart of everything we do. She designs ways for young people to be heard at a local and national level, and in the services they use. Laurie has worked in community engagement and participation for over 10 years.

    Laurie’s advice to her 16 year old self? How you are is precisely how you are meant to be. Just keep on as you are, you don’t need all the answers now, you’ll live your way into them.

  • Lowell - Deputy Head Participation

    Lowell - Deputy Head Participation

    Working with children and young people, Lowell helps their voices be heard. She works in partnership with services across the UK to put young people at the heart of it, helping to create the mental health services they really need.

    Lowell’s advice to her 16 year old self? Nothing! She had enough adults giving “advice” and telling her what to do. I would however be taking her to get something delicious to eat (probably noodles) and spending some quality time so she can have the space to work out things in her own SPACE.

  • Petra - Senior Participation Development Officer

    Petra - Senior Participation Development Officer

    Petra joined us in 2015 and keeps a close eye on our participation activities, making sure we share the same approach and deliver the same quality across the board. She’s also a founding director of the creative social enterprise, deep:black and secretly dreams of running a sheep farm or poetry café – or both!

    Petra’s advice to her 16 year old self? There's more to dancing than ballet...

  • Anna - Participation Consultant

    Anna - Participation Consultant

    As a Participation Consultant, Anna ensures that young people are at the heart of all we do, supporting them to make sure their voices are heard in the right places. Prior to joining YoungMinds, Anna has worked with young carers, deaf children and asylum seekers and refugees.

    Anna’s advice to her 16 year old self? You’re alright!

  • Rich - Participation Consultant

    Rich - Participation Consultant

    Rich’s role as Participation Consultant focuses on delivering consultancy support for services within NHS England, as part of the ‘Amplified’ project – helping to give more young people a voice in the system. Before joining YoungMinds, Rich spent the last ten years working with young people and their families, providing better opportunities to live better lives.

    Rich’s advice to his 16 year old self? You’re doing a great job so far. Keep having fun. Lose the moustache.

  • Katie - Participation Administrator

    Katie - Participation Administrator

    A firm believer in the restorative powers of tea, Katie makes sure everyone in the Participation team has everything they need to deliver the amazing work they do on our various projects. She’s no stranger to YoungMinds, as before this role Katie was our Chief Exec’s PA.

    Katie’s advice to her 16 year old self? Be honest and true to yourself – you’ve got this!

  • Ruth - Project Manager (Amplified)

    Ruth - Project Manager (Amplified)

    Ruth project manages Amplified, our programme with NHS England. She organises and guides our Amplified team in their work with professionals, to make sure that young people are heard. She’s worked in healthcare for over 10 years in a range of project roles. Most recently, Ruth worked for another charity building up the support and voice of people living with lung conditions.

    Ruth’s advice to her 16 year old self? Don’t worry so much, you’re fab.

  • Palvasha - Project Manager

    Palvasha - Project Manager

    Overlooking various projects within the Participation Team, Palvasha leads on the planning, implementation and monitoring of them all – whilst also providing client management. She manages relationships with various stakeholders, enabling the team to deliver high impact work with children and young people, mental health services and commissioners. Before joining YoungMinds, Palvasha worked at Guys & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust as a Project Manager, leading the Graduates into Health programme.

    Palvasha’s advice to her 16 year old self? You’re still finding yourself. Don’t force it!

  • India – Participation Consultant

    India – Participation Consultant

    India works alongside young people on a variety of projects to make sure they are at the heart of changes in the mental health system. She’s previously worked at Hackney Mind delivering mental health services for people of all ages, but most recently managing youth peer services. When she’s not at YoungMinds, she’s also doing an MA in Service Design!

    India’s advice to her 16 year old self? Don’t worry about what other people think, they all feel a bit confused too!

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