• Jade - Community Fundraising Manager

    Jade - Community Fundraising Manager

    Heading up our Community Fundraising Team, Jade leads the amazing team that helps our incredibly enthusiastic supporters to raise funds for a cause they are passionate about.

  • Will - Community Fundraising Officer

    Will - Community Fundraising Officer

    Whether you’re running marathons, shaving your head, baking cakes or climbing mountains, it’s likely you’ll meet Will who supports all the inspiring things you do to rise funds for us.

    Will’s advice to his 16 year old self? If you’re respectful, then you should be respected.

  • Binal - Community Fundraising Assistant

    Binal - Community Fundraising Assistant

    Binal will support and help you in your fundraising for YoungMinds, whether that’s cycling across the country, bungee jumping off buildings or a marathon of baking. Before joining us, she worked at the Children’s Services at the Surrey County Council.

    Binal’s advice to her 16 year old self? Nothing is too difficult, just give it a go!

  • Sophia - Grants Manager

    Sophia - Grants Manager

    Working with her colleagues across the charity, Sophia brings together ideas for new projects and then goes off to raise the funds for them. She’s been here since 2011 and before that, she worked in Southern Africa on projects that improve water, sanitation and housing.

    Sophia’s advice to her 16 year old self? Just keep swimming.

  • Ellie - Development Manager

    Ellie - Development Manager

    Working with companies, charitable trusts and celebrity ambassadors, Ellie works with our supporters to help raise essential funds to keep our work going whether it’s our day-to-day operations or new projects.

    Ellie’s advice to her 16 year old self? You don’t have to know what you want to do when you’re older

  • Ellie - Fundraising Assistant

    Ellie - Fundraising Assistant

    Ellie joined us after completing her degree in Geography and works across all 3 areas of fundraising – community, corporate and grants.

    Ellie’s advice to her 16 year old self? Continue to nourish your creative side.

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