Finance and Resources

  • Jen - Receptionist

    Jen - Receptionist

    Phone us or email us and it’s likely you’ll get through to Jen. She’s the front of house and the first person a lot of people speak to here. She’s also the fearless leader and defender of the prized stationary cupboard.

    Jen’s advice to her 16 year old self? Try to remember that no one ever hated themselves into loving themselves. Surround yourself with people you relate to, online and offline.

  • Sally - Finance Officer

    Sally - Finance Officer

    For more than 5 years, Sally’s been looking after the money coming and going out so the teams can keep up their amazing work. Sally’s experienced in plenty of sectors before charities including finance, insurance, retail, construction, local and national government.

  • Vicky - HR Adviser

    Vicky - HR Adviser

    Our current staff and our future staff all rely on Vicky – she looks after recruitment, training, policies and processes. She knows her apples too, before joining us she worked in HR for another mental health charity.

    Vicky’s advice to her 16 year old self? You never really feel like a grown up. You may never actually get to meet David Bowie. And that’s ok.

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