Thousands of people share #5YearOldSelfie

Across the world, thousands of people have shared pictures of themselves as five-year-olds in response a new campaign by mental health charity YoungMinds.

Released Friday 16 August

YoungMinds launched the #5YearOldSelfie campaign on Thursday 8th August to help young people going through a difficult time and encourage empathy, love and compassion towards themselves.  The campaign trended on Twitter in the UK, the US and in several other countries across the world.

Anyone can take part by following these four simple steps:

  1.  Find a picture of yourself when you were around five years old or an item that reminds you of that time

  2.  Think of three positive/encouraging/empowering things to tell that five-year-old

  3.  Post on your Instagram story, Insta feed or on Twitter

  4.  Tag three friends and @youngmindsuk with the hashtag #5YearOldSelfie

Tom Madders, Campaigns Director at YoungMinds, said: “We’re overwhelmed by how many people have posted their #5YearOldSelfie. 

“The summer holidays can bring lots of new challenges for young people – including getting exam results – and the campaign aims to disrupt negative thought patterns or beliefs that people might hold about themselves.

“We hope it will help young people realise all the challenges they’ve overcome, as well as steps they might need to take in order to look after themselves.”

YoungMinds Ambassadors Daniel Howell and Cathy Newman are among those who have taken part in the campaign.

 he campaign was created by Leo Burnett London by Hannah Cunningham and Beth Grace, and uses the method of inner child visualisation to combat negative thinking patterns and remind us to speak kindly to ourselves.

Watch the explainer video to find out more.

YoungMinds have also shared the top five tips for young people when facing a stressful transition in their lives:

1.      Remember your grades do not define you

2.      Some people might adapt quickly to change but you can take as long as you need

3.      Talk to someone you trust if you are struggling with change or are disappointed with a situation

4.      Try not to compare yourself to others

5.      Take time to de-stress by doing something you love

More tips and advice can be found on the YoungMinds website.

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Notes to editors

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