FAQs for Journalists and the Media

We can help with a whole range of media enquiries – here you’ll find the answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive from journalists and the media

FAQs for journalists and the media

  • Do you provide case studies?

    Yes, we can put forward young people and parents who are able to talk about their experiences in interviews. However, we will only do this after assessing whether the opportunity is suitable, whether it is likely to be beneficial for the person being interviewed, and whether we can provide appropriate support.

    Please note that because we are a small charity, we are usually only able to put forward young people for interview if a YoungMinds spokesperson is also interviewed.

  • I am a journalist at a student newspaper. Can I interview one of your staff members?

    The Media team does not currently have the capacity to respond to requests from student journalists. Please explore our website for further information.

  • What does YoungMinds do?

    We are the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

    Working closely with young people and families, we campaign on a number of issues impacting young people and their mental health.

    Our activists campaign for political change and spread the message in schools, at events and online about how to look after your mental health.

    We also run a parents helpline, which offers free advice and support to any adult who’s worried about the behaviour or mental health of a young person.

    We also offer training and consultancy to professionals who work with children – including teachers, doctors and mental health services.

    Finally, we provide a huge amount of information and support on their website and on social media.

  • I am a producer from a production company researching for an upcoming documentary. Are you able to help with our research?

    The Media team does not usually have capacity to respond to research requests unless the documentary has been commissioned and the company is looking to feature our charity.

    We can however consult on a script or the content of an upcoming programme or documentary. Please get in touch with the Media team to discuss this.

  • I am looking for families / young people to participate in an upcoming documentary. Can you help us reach appropriate participants?

    We are usually unable to approach our networks on behalf of production companies unless it is a documentary that we have been involved in.

  • Do you have statistics about mental health?

    Yes. See our mental health stats page.

  • Are you CAMHS?

    No. CAMHS – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services – are specialist NHS services. Local areas have a number of different support services available. We are not part of CAMHS and we cannot provide access to mental health professionals that work for CAMHS.

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